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I am in love - and obsessed - with the process of creating - composing, writing, playing and recording - music. As a multi instrumentalist, I like playing a diverse range of instruments on a daily basis.
The studio is my playground - one big instrument to me.
I have thought and dreamed about music and songs since I started playing the guitar as a 7 year-old boy ;-)

What I love the most is to compose new music, write new songs and then - once they are ready: Dress them up and send them out into the world.

At the turn of the 90's into the mid 2000's, I worked solely as a songwriter and performing artist, writing, recording and touring with my former band, Envelope.
We released two studio albums, “Stay” and “Open Roads Lonely Trains” and toured non-stop for a long time.

Later on, as a solo artist on Warner Music, I released the album, “Silent Songs About Things That Don’t Happen”. After that, the album “Songwriter”, was released by Nordic Music Society (NMS), with whom I currently have a publishing deal.

n 2021, the project, “Sophisticated Sissies” came out. Except for one song that I sing through a vocoder, it is an instrumental album... my investigation of old school funk and soul with a teaspoon of my own luggage added to the mix... I thought of it as a soundtrack to a 1970-s type movie, not yet released...

Through-out the years, I have become increasingly busy as:

A. A music producer/co-writer and mixer

B. A film score/title song composer

C. An artist doing my own little solo and collab projects

It is important for me to emphasize that I find a lot of joy in producing other artists, helping them give birth to their musical babies! And, sometimes, it can be a huge breath of fresh air to get out of your own stories.

So, let's talk soon :-)