Christoffer Høyer

Songwriter, composer, music producer, multi instrumentalist collaborating with major writers, producers, artists, Film-/TV companies and music publishers world wide.

He has toured Scandinavia, the U.S., the U.K. Germany and the Netherlands with his band, Envelope.

As an artist in his own right, Christoffer released the album, “Silent Songs About Things That Don’t Happen” (Warner Music).

Solo album #two is on the way with a planned release in the Fall of 2018. Produced by Chris.

Chris is very busy working as a composer, music producer, songwriter and musician for a great variety of projects.

In the Spring of 2018, Chris signed with the Los Angeles based publisher, Reel Muzik Werks ( They will be co-publishing Chris’ work world wide except in Denmark. In addition, they will represent and provide more work for Chris in film, TV, commercials…
In Denmark, Chris signed to the publisher/label, Nordic Music Society ( They will be doing the same as Reel Muzik Werks, only with a focus on the Danish market.

A few highlights:


Chris started working with the Danish artist, Morten Fischer, when he co-wrote, recorded and produced the song “Bukker Under”. It was the result of a co-writing session with the other Danish producer/writer Chief 1 (aka Lars Pedersen). “Bukker Under” became single #1 for Fischer. Chris introduced Fischer to the record label NMS (Nordic Music Society) and helped getting Fischer signed to the label. Chris is co-writing, producing, recording, playing and mixing Fischer’s debut EP to be released in May 2017.


Chris has written, played, arranged, recorded, produced and played the new Official “Lego Elves Song” – “If You Dare To Believe”. The song is part of LEGO’s new concept for girls, “Lego Elves”. The first Lego Elves film, “Unite the Magic”,  was released in March 2015, airing in 30-50 countries. Among many other TV channels, the show is airing on Disney Channel and Netflix. Many more films are to be released along the way.


Chris composed, played, recorded, produced and mixed the official title song, “Sovedyr på eventyr”,  for the new TV show with “Rosa fra Rouladegade”. Lyrics were written by the great Danish songwriter, Elisabeth Gjerluff Nielsen. “Sovedyr på eventyr” started airing on the Danish National TV channel, Ramasjang, in the Spring of 2016. A second season is being produced in 2017.


Chris composed, played, recorded, produced and mixed the score for the film documentaries, “Asha Workers – Bringing Diabetes Care to Rural India” as well as “Base of the Pyramid” – both of which are conveying projects by Novo Nordisk in India and Africa.


Chris produced the sound design for a Christmas on-line game for HARIBO, premiering for the Christmas of 2015.

Productions of Songs and music for Novo Nordisk

Through-out 2013 and 2014, Chris produced, recorded, wrote the lyrics and played songs that were part of several launches of new products by Novo Nordisk. He also composed a piece of signature music for a world wide Novo Nordisk workshop in DR’s “Koncerthuset” where Novo leaders from 43 countries gathered to learn about the insulin product, “Ryzodeg”.

Song for TV/Cinema Commercial Became a Hit

Chris composed, wrote, recorded, produced and mixed as well as played all instruments, including the vocals, on the track, “No Limits”, which he initially made as the soundtrack for a commercial film for the slimming product company, “Nupo”.
When the song hit TV channels and cinemas through-out Denmark, it gained immense popularity and people demanded a full song that they could download and play. So Chris composed a full lenght song based on the 40 seconds of soundtrack he had initially made.
On the week of the release, the song was on iTunes’ top 10 chart.

Hest til Frokost

Chris composed, recorded and produced all music (Title intro as well as breakers) for the show, “Hest til frokost”. The show is airing on the National Danish TV channel, TV2 Sport.

Inside World

Chris co-wrote the 1st single, “Inside World”, of Danish band, Who Made Who’s new album, “Brighter” – released on the German label, Kompakt, in February 2012.

Cowboys and Aliens for Jon Favreau and Steven Spielberg

Chris composed, produced and recorded all music to the films “One On One – The Cowboys and Aliens Interviews”, starring Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde. Directed by Jon Favreau and executively produced by Steven Spielberg.

After having finished filming the film, “Cowboys and Aliens”, director Jon Favreau (Elf, Iron Man 1 and 2…) and producer, Steven Spielberg (E.T., Indiana Jones, The Colour Purple, Jurassic park, Schindler’s List…) decided to make an extended collection of films of background material and interviews conveying how they created the movie – anecdotes from the set by actors and script writers etc.

Instead of re-using the music score from the film they asked Christoffer to compose all the music.

The movie was released in the United States and Canada on July 29 – 2011. “One On One – The Cowboys and Aliens Interviews” is part of the DVD release.

Lucky Novo Nordisk

Chris wrote, produced, recorded and play all instruments as well as sing on the song, “You’re Lucky”. The song is part of a worldwide campaign for the multi national pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk.

Composing for show on Comedy Central

Chris composed and produced the music for the TV Special “Nick Kroll: Thank You Very Cool”.

He was hired by the American TV channel, Comedy Central (shows like “The Daily Show”, “Southpark”….)

The show features the famous actor and comedian Nick Kroll (starring in films such as “Get Him to the Greek”, “Date Night”, “The League”, “Dinner for Schmucks”, “I Love You Man”, “Little Fockers”…).

Comedy Central is currently seen by more than 98 million households nationwide.

Classical Avantgarde and Poppy Songs

The Danish Arts Agency has hired Chris and classical composer, Peter Bruun (won the prestigious “Nordisk Råds Musikpris”) to write a 40 minutes piece of music.

Chris and Peter composed the piece for string quartet, marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, glockenspiel and various percussions.  Chris will also be part of the performance, playing electric and acoustic guitars, harmonium and lead vocal.

Chris and Peter composed the music in the spring of 2011 and the music went on tour in the fall of 2011. Another tour is planned in the Fall of 2012.

Chris’ wrote the song, “Beautiful World”, for the Hollywood film “Lucky”

“Lucky” is a dark, romantic comedy.

The film is starring Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks’ son), Ann-Margret, Jeffrey Tambor, Mimi Rogers… Directed by Gil Cates Jr.

Chris produced, recorded and plays all instruments as well as sing on the track. He wrote the song with writer, Gordon Pagoda (Los Angeles).

“How To Run a Fortunate 500 Company, Climb Mount Everest and Be the World’s Greatest Dad”

Co-wrote three songs with Danish hipster, “Bon Homme”, for the album “How To Run a Fortunate 500 Company, Climb Mount Everest and Be the World’s Greatest Dad” (Fake Diamond Records/Sony).

“Second Best Favorite

Co-wrote the song, “Second Best Favorite”, with Marie Keis-Uhre featured on the new album of Danish Country Pop band, Lilyphone ( )

“The Plot”

Chris Co-wrote the single, “The Plot”, for Danish Disco Punk trio, “Who Made Who”, featuring on the album, “The Plot”.(

“The Love You Fake”

Wrote the song, “The Love You Fake”, with Folk-Pop-Rock artist Nanna Larsen for the album, “Not the Perfect Girl”.

#5 on Finnish album charts

Chris’s song, “In the Money”, was translated into Finnish and recorded by Finland’s fourth best selling artist, Simo Silmu. Simo’s album, “In The Red House” (Warner Music), reached #5 on the Finnish album chart.

Lynsey Moore “Everything You Do”

The song, “Everything You Do”: signed by UK label, “All Around the World Records” for British artist, Lynsey Moore. Chris wrote the song with the British producers Danny Kirsch and Mark Breeze.

“Open Window” on hit TV Show “One Tree Hill”

Chris’ song, “Open Window“ is featured on the American TV show, “One Tree Hill”. The show is produced by Warner Bros. and broadcast worldwide.

Two songs for TV Show “Good Girls Don’t”

Chris wrote two songs for the American TV show, “Good Girls Don’t”. The show airs on Oprah Winfrey’s channel “The Oxygen Network”.

“Open Roads Lonely Trains”

“Open Roads Lonely Trains” was released in Denmark in late 2008. Artist name: Envelope (Chris’ band)

The album contains the song, “Open Window”, featured on the hit TV show, “One Tree Hill” (Warner Bros.). Morever, Simu Silmo (fourth best selling artist of Finland) recorded a translated version of Chris’ song, “In The Money” and Simo’s album, “In The Red House” (Warner Music), reached # 5 on the Finnish album charts.

Many of the songs fautured on “Open Roads Lonely Trains” received immense airplay on the biggest Danish National radio station P4.

The album was produced by Chris and  Boe Larsen (Michael Learns to Rock, Hanne Boel, Søren Sko…).


Envelope’s debut album, “Stay”, came out in late 2001. It was a success through-out Scandinavia and was A-listed on 26 radio stations in Sweden, rotation on Danish P3 and lots of airplay in Norway. Envelope toured from 2001 through 2005.

In 2004, Chris got two songs from the album synchronized to the American TV show “Good Girls Don’t”.

This led to a lot of work in Los Angeles where, today, Chris is regularly working with various writers/producers, music publishers, music supervisers and song pluggers.